Is France’s former president François Hollande eyeing a political comeback?
Is France’s former president François Hollande eyeing a political comeback?

ja M has suspended talum State News
Agency accusing it of being a propaganda
outlet for the left di is here it's
garnering a lot of attention in the
press this isn't it dpy yeah that's
right sto it is garnering a lot of press
Javier M has called the TM state news
news agency which is actually the
largest state news news agency in all of
Latin America he's called it a
propaganda mouthpiece for previous
leftist administrations it's why the
government moved to suspend the news
outlet for the next 7 Days meaning staff
will be paid for the next 7 days but
beyond that the idea is to look at
eventually uh halting all its functions
or essentially establishing its
definitive closure uh this is an article
from Claren which is an Argent uh which
is a local paper in uh Argentina which
explains that telam operated as a news
wholesaler uh with more than 500 um wire
stories per day and hundreds of photos
being published it also played played an
important role in um Distributing the
government's official advertising until
jav also put a stop to that the agency
also employed 750 staff uh all of whom
were prohibited from going to work on
Monday because the offices were uh
literally fenced in and the agency's
website was also disabled uh officially
uh President mle says that the agency
was losing money but he has also said
that it was he's accused it of being a
propaganda mouthpiece for previous
leftwing administrations on Twitter a
group um set up to support workers uh uh
really uh denounced the government's
measures uh in this tweet here uh they
call it pure dogmatism and persecution
against those working for the state
agency yeah it comes doesn't it dip
after have M A criticized written press
journalist for opinion pieces that were
published over the weekend yeah that's
right this is uh in Lan another local
paper from Argentina which uh calls this
a quote new chapter in a long series of
insults and attacks by melee to the
Press uh he slammed two journalists from
lenon and clarine to of the papers we we
spoked about uh we spoke about over
opinion pieces that were published uh at
recently his attitude towards the media
has been slammed by journalist
associations warning that the risks of
altering the climate that preserves
freedom of expression are enhanced with
these uh increasing attacks on the Press
super Tuesday today going to be hearing
a lot about this over the next 24 hours
of course major day in US presidential
primary elections for Democrats and
Republicans notably though Donald Trump
that's right and Donald Trump of course
coming fresh off that Supreme Court
decisions to that despite his role in
the January 6
20121 uh Insurrection he's still elgible
to run for Republican primaries uh
primary elections and caucuses will take
place in 15 US states and one territory
this Tuesday that's why it's called T
super Tuesday Tuesday with about
onethird of delegates for nominations
for both parties at stake European
papers are heavily invested in in the
coverage of this uh super Tuesday this
week uh this Tuesday rather uh ill
Manifesto that's a uh Italian communist
paper which calls it rather super Trump
not super Tuesday evoking its concern
about the eventual return of Donald
Trump to power uh Belgian uh daily luwa
uh going a step further calling it a
super weak for Donald Trump uh with a
presidential campaign that is heating up
and is more polarizing than ever and you
also have laqua the French Catholic
paper here which uh features Donald
Trump on its front page uh going with a
headline that says he's uh perhaps
looking for some Revenge this time round
some frenh politics for you now i'
missed this story so I'm glad Dip's
brought it up apparently the former
French president franois Alon could be
eyeing a comeback of his own according
to to some media yeah that's right this
is really interesting and also I missed
it when it came out in luigo but the
telegraph has picked up on this uh uh
story uh reporting on this article from
Laro uh a few days ago FR aland was the
least popular president at the end of
his term in 2017 so much so that he
actually decided not to run again as
president Paving the way of course for
Emanuel maon to uh campaign and become
president now with Emanuel macon's
popularity in tatters or according to
one poll has become the third most
popular French politician in France
behind Gabriel atel the current prime uh
prime minister and former prime minister
edwi Philip uh allegedly Al is hoping to
use this to Stage possibly a comeback
for 2027 but we obviously it's all
hypothetical at this point aided also by
the chaos uh reigning in the greens and
left Coalition in France and in December
Oland reflected on his presidency uh
with his trademark humor and wit saying
his new slogan would be all things
considered it wasn't so bad I think Medi
mediocrity definitely uh is something uh
worth looking out for in politics yeah
that's certainly true I love it I love
it finally from Dy a campaign in Dublin
has been set up to run and protect a
beloved statue this is from public um
public groping yeah that's right the
Molly Malone statue in Dublin is a
beloved statue here uh that uh
represents a uh a folkloric street
seller who died of a fever the busty
bust also has seen many people groping
her kissing her and other unwanted
actions and now that area around her bus
is started to uh fade away so the
campaign uh aims to uh protect her but
also slam the misogynistic Behavior
which abuser says has reduced the
National Treasure to derision Dublin
protect Molly Malone from and her
breasts as well from very tourist St
quite right a bit cold as well at this
time year thought anyway it all with the

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