my name is Kristen and today I'm going to be sharing with you some 2024 design
you're going to start noticing these Design Elements becoming very popular so
if you're planning any renovation this year or planning to redecorate it's
always a good idea to know what's

trending in design so you're not making design decisions that actually date your
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it the color of the year has already

been announced it's panone peach fuzz which is interesting the paint brands
have also launched their paint color of the year and they all seem to be some
trending in design but there's another Trend that's kind of slipping into the
background here that I think you're going to notice everywhere in design and
that's burgundy and Plum these deep rich

colors are going to be all over design this year it's so exciting I think they
have such a bold Regal look to them they look Moody but they can look really
bright and they just bring this ElegantTouch to every single home so you're

going to notice this in paint colors Furniture fabrics and small Decor pieces
there are so many gorgeous shades of burgundy and Plum I think this is a perfect color to go all out with in small closed off rooms like powder rooms

laundry rooms offices or a Butler's pantry you can have a ton of fun with
this color if you're painting a space with a beautiful Plum or burgundy paint
color definitely go all out and paint the trim the walls and the ceiling all
the same color and it will just color wash that entire space and look
extremely elegant burgundy and Plum pair

very nicely with warm nutral so it's the perfect color to pair wood tones and
neutrals and creamy colors to really brighten up the space but also add that
depth with the Deep paint color so if you're thinking about going bold this
year for a space in your home definitely consider a deep burgundy or deep plum
now a trend that's going to be fizzling

out in the world of design are accent walls accent walls stuck around for a
very long time time I've used them so many times there's actually some accent
walls still in my home that I'm thinking about redoing because they're looking a
little bit dated now now the design trend is to go all out with your paint
color or wallpaper so if you're thinking about adding some bold touch to your
space make sure that it's included on

every single wall so instead of only painting one wall or wallpapering one
wall go all out and do every single wall of course like every Trend you don't
have to follow it but if you did participate in the act wall Trend maybe
consider taking that paint color that you already have and running it around
the entire space that will really bring your space up to date and make it look
fresh for the new year an alternative to an accent wall could be painting a door
I think painting your front door on the

interior of your home really adds a nice pop of color ties together your color
scheme without doing an accent wall it's still something that's trending in
design and a great idea if you want to add a little pop of color when it comes
to Wood tones in the recent years we've seen a ton of light White Oak this

this is very easy to pair with it brightens up your home but we are moving towards
more of a midtone wood midtone Woods are becoming very popular again they're easy to pair with they're not too dark they're not too light they're bringing in a little bit more of a rich color this is also a great example of a good
mid-tone wood that's not too warm and not too cool finding that perfect
mid-tone wood is really going to help you pair paint colors furniture and accessories to your home without it
clashing personally I love the lighter

tone flooring it really brightens spaces up you don't see dust and dirt on it so
it really stays clean looking longer and I think it's just such an easy pairing
when it comes to bringing in dark wood tones warm and cool it just kind of has
it all so I think if you want to stay safe with your design you can still
stick with the light T te flooring now this definitely doesn't mean go rip up
your flooring and start again just because it's trending but you will be
noticing a lot more mid-tone options this year you can definitely choose
choose them it's going to be on Trend
but it's also a very lasting finish it's

not an extreme option like the light tone wood or the dark tone wood I think
a nice mid-tone wood is a perfect option for that Timeless look now when it comes
to countertops and flooring a popular choice for 2024 is going to be natural
stones it's all about embracing the weathering and patina that can happen
with natural stones the Nicks and marks and dings are really all part of the
beauty of the stones and it's not about the Perfection and sleekness of
manufactured choices so natural stones all the way this would include
travertine Limestone soap stone slate
Quartzsite granite and even marble all

of these choices are a little bit more porous they do have a lot more texture
in them but that definitely is the beauty of the stone and I think it
really makes your home look lived in warm and it adds a ton of texture this
also leans away from the high gloss look that used to be popular now we're going
going for this matte weathered honed look on all the stones that really bring
out the beauty natural stones will always be timeless so it's definitely
not a trendy choice to pick a natural stone it's something that's really going
to last in your home but it's definitely becoming very popular in design you can
incorporate Natural Stone in flooring in countertops in backsplash in wall
finishes and fireplaces really bringing

out that textured warmth is absolutely going to add to your design this year
another design M that's sticking around for 2024 are arches architectural arches
and detail arches and shapes in furniture and decor if you want to do
something to your home that's going to make it look on Trend but also just
absolutely stunning Arch out a doorway I think this makes your home look custom
and detailed instantly arches will continue to be popular in design
especially architectural arches so that is definitely a safe choice if you want
to spruce up your space this year Iwould say a trend that's kind of out
with arches right now are paint painted

arches and this kind of aligns with the accent wall it's not the year to be
painting arches in your home but if you
want to add them in architecturally or through Furniture that's definitely a
good choice arched Furniture cabinets and mirrors always have this really
special effect to them and it adds a unique shape in your home when your room
is very square and angular it's nice to bring in something that has a soft
effect to it to really even out your space now something that slowly become popular in design but it's going to last into 2024 is the modern Cottage English
cottage style this is a very European

look a lot of built-in pieces that look
like Furniture pieces you'll see this a
lot in kitchen design built-in Hutches
and inset cabinets have this English
cottage European look that's Timeless
elegant but definitely leans a lot more
traditional so this is that modern take
on that cozy European style that's here
to last I think it is absolutely
stunning there's so much detail involved
in this style I think there's a ton of
layering and color and a Timeless effect
that really feels nostalgic and
welcoming but also feels new and fresh
you'll see this with faucet design and
hardware and cabinets and details in
feet of furniture you're going to see it
everywhere so if you're planning for a
renovation or thinking about
redecorating this year and you lean
towards that traditional or transitional
look around your home look into modern
Cottage or English cottage style for
some inspiration in 2024 it's all about
a warm color palette we are still
staying away from those cool gray tones
that stuck around for way too long now
we're into warm tones especially deep
chocolate brown chocolate brown became
very popular in fashion and trickled
into interior design which is no
surprise if you want to add contrast in
your home a real sense of Elegance and
warmth chocolate brown is the way to go
I love the look of chocolate brown
furniture I think it looks rich and deep
and beautiful and it has this coziness
to it chocolate brown is actually a very
versatile color so if you have a home
right now that is leaning very gray cool
tone introduce that chocolate brown into
your home to help transition it into
more of a warm atmosphere I think a
introducing this trending color into
your home is with smaller items you
could start with pillows and throw
blankets and transition that into side
chairs Ottomans and benches Brown is a
color that's always coming and going in
design it's always going to stick around
in general because of all of our wood
tones that we use so I think it
technically is a Timeless color when it
comes to trendy choices now there's been
a growing Trend in fashion and design to
create a quiet luxury look this is all
about a tailored simple quality design
that doesn't overly display that doesn't
have a ton of clutter and color and
busyness this is all about creating that
simple Timeless look that's forever
going to look elegant so good quality
Pieces good quality Fabrics that really
speak for themselves is exactly what's
going to help create that quiet luxury
look it's all about muted color palettes
cre dreams and neutrals less detail on
all of your pieces this is all about
clean lines scale and simplicity so I
think larger pieces that really speak
for themselves do a great job of
creating this look you can create the
look of an expensive space just by
following those Design Elements
Simplicity tailored lines good quality
fabrics and a great size piece now
something new and bold that we're going
to be seeing in 2024 are monochromatic
and monotone spaces this is when your
furniture fabric color matches your wall
color so if you have a living room or
Den or office space really doubling up
on that color to create a monochromatic
effect is very much on Trend if you have
a sofa if you have a sofa or sectional
up against a wall choosing the exact
same color for your wall paint is going
to create this monochromatic effect I
think this really works well when you
have great fabrics for your furniture if
you're using velvet corduroy linen or
leather these Fabrics really highlight
themselves and show really nicely
especially when when they're paired up
against the exact same color they stand
out they don't get blurred into the
background but it actually creates this
really luxurious look I think
monochromatic spaces tend to look larger
as well because you can't really see
definitive lines of where things end so
you get this really expansive look so if
you're having a hard time picking paint
colors or fabric options go with the
same color and you'll get a gorgeous
effect and lastly a great new thing that
we'll be trending in 2024 is actually
the lack of use of a definitive design
style instead of pigeon holding yourself
to One Design style this is all about
just creating an eclectic look that
speaks to you this can be done through
thrifting and antiquing and picking
different Furniture styles that you just
truly love and making them all work
together now there's definitely a way to
kind of do this wrong where it starts to
look crazy and chaotic but there's a way
to do it right picking impactful pieces
mixing them with neutral pieces to
really create a gorgeous balanced look
everyone's faces will look different
what really highlights your personality
and style it's not about labeling your
space a specific style or sticking with
it I think this is where unique design
Styles come from when you're just free
to choose anything you love of course I
know this is not for everyone if you're
not really into that eclectic look this
figure out your design style and you
love way too many things create your own
style choose items that speak to you and
you'll end up with a beautifully unique
look all right