Journée internationale des femmes
Journée internationale des femmes

Journée internationale des femmes 2024 - Notre parcours vers l’inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is essentially that's the story almost of my life I come from a very diverse background uh my mother was a lawyer my father uh was an engineer and and pursued his career and they managed to get this balance right between pursuing career but also taking care of their family uh and for me I'm just personally passionate around really seeing diversity and inclusion um showing up at the workplace and as Leaders I think we have a responsibility to drive this as we go forward I think one of the things that's

really important is to be much more human at work and to recognize that we are human beings we need to care about each other uh we need to have empathy with each other uh if we're going to really bring the best out of our people and I find women leaders can be very good at bringing that balance into uh into leadership team so

so it's about each bringing their best uh in order for the the group to succeed and and that's that's really underpins the whole growth transformation and return strategy we've got the opportunity to get more women leaders in place but we have to put in place specific things that will help them be successful and I think part of the reality that we need to focus on is work life balance work family balance uh

the roles we individually play diversity and inclusion council is made up of a collection of our colleagues from across the network who represent the diversity that we have in echoback so we have a good representation across gender age seniority geography culture values we need to decide as aank as a group if we want to be for example number one in terms of women promotion we need to decide for example if we want to make sure that the majority of our suppliers

are women Le businesses this is a decision that we need to take and that body is going to be a steering committee the supervision body that is going to help the the the group to go into that direction we came to the conclusion that clear road map of what we want to do in diversity and inclusion and to have that assessment so we have I Deo which is one of the Renown firm in that space to help us to design what is the assessment for EO what are the issues that we are facing in terms of diversity

and inclusion what are the pain points that we have in the system today and how we can address them based on the policies and the procedures that we have today the survey is actually a critical Tool uh to help us to better understand our reality today from an inclusing perspective the thoughts of uh employees in the organization on how diverse we are and how we are leveraging that

diversity if at all and of course the areas that we need to improve upon so it uh being supplemented by some focus group session and also some um should I say virtual workshops that will be held really to help us to delve down and understand the State of Affairs ultimately what will happen here is there's going to be very specific targets given around the progress we want to make and those will be tracked they'll be included in people's objectives

they'll be included in our scorecards to make sure that these changes that we want actually happen be authentic you know if you try to be something that you're not because that's what you think they want I don't think you'll be successful I think the second thing is speak up I think we need to voice the concerns that we have the challenges you face in the workplace or doing business and growing in your career

because once we know those issues then we can put together plans to work through those issues put your hand up for jobs as women support one another build that community of supporting women to be successful now to the men what I would say is be mindful of your biaseswe all have biases right whether we like.
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