High Heels Fashion
High Heels Fashion

hey guys it's Katie here with shoots of
Hollywood today we'll build I will be
doing one of my 10 inch beep autumns for
you do check out my playlist and see all
the other 10 inches I've done they seem
to be very popular so today we'll be
showing you on our steps out here
I will unwrap the box so you can see now
look this box is bigger then probably
half of my body okay so these are do not
walk in these they're not recommend for
walking I walk in heels all the time

especially pleases sorry I have a fair
amount of experience in them so please
just be careful they're made for
photoshoots and for laying down
positions okay so try and stick to that
I don't want anyone to be hurt by these
molester shoes now these today ah
they've got lots of packaging and you
can see look at that

how's that first shoe amazing grippy
bottom which is very important bit of
packaging I'm just going to pop the shoe
just here from the bottom step isn't wet
and I don't want to wet these borders
shoes I've got the second one just yeah
lady gaga better watch out almost missed
a little bit tell grey today amazing
when I count that for a hill the car way
to show you sorry please okay here we go
I just saw you instead I'm curvy who go
through anything I tell you now they are
a very heavy okay so we're gonna be
taking it nice and steady today look I
can't even I'm gonna have to put it just
down here and don't get it wet and we'll
do it huh
actually I'm gonna slide down one step
and do it on the concrete now they are
brand new so the holes are a little bit
tough to start with
there is one might do it up a tiny a
little bit tighter
extra support is key with Tennant there
we go second line oh baby so sparkly
after this and the tires when possible
just for me
we go no see enough oh it rooms that
duct show you these absolutely stunning
shoes now I'm gonna be walking up the
steps sideways just so I don't hit them
on the step okay
now these stairs are quite tricky
because you can see there's tiny little
dots nice step now
I'll keep Alicia
look at these sparkles
you like it
now when it comes to turning means very
big healers they always stop and we
continue to walk because otherwise you
will fall down and we do not like that
what my beautiful 10 inch beyond
remember don't walk in them police photo
shoots only and laying down positions
only okay guys I hope you enjoyed my
video I'm just gonna take them off me
now nice and easy
that's a good shape
and there we are guys a shoe that's
bigger than my head let me know what you
think leave us some comments and don't
forget to Like and subscribe to our
channel click on the little bell and
check out my playlist and check out all
the other 10 inch beyond the nine inch
infinities that I've done as well bye
guys hope you enjoyed

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