America’s multi-state voting bonanza and why it matters
America’s multi-state voting bonanza and why it matters

more about all of this with Angela
diffley who joins me on the set Angela
first of all let's start with the basics
why do we call it super Tuesday it's
because it's it's the the day with the
biggest number of uh primary votes today
so 15 uh States from Alaska right across
to Maine also uh uh an American
territory American Samoa which is in the
South Pacific and uh we will get also
the result uh from the Iowa ckers on the
Democrat side they are not voting uh in
Alaska the Democrats so how works is
basically for example in California uh
which is the biggest uh has the highest
number of delegates in those States
voting uh today if for example Donald
Trump wins the most uh votes in the
state of California then he will win all
169 delegates because California as the
biggest has 169 delegates they will vote
for him uh at uh and he has to reach a
threshold of
12 uh
1,215 delegates to win that nomination
the same sort of thing works on the
Democrat side where uh there is little
opposition they also have primaries
today for for all the house um seats for
the House of Representatives and a third
of the Senate seats also there are
primaries for those today as well right
so a lot of focus obviously on how
another Republican who is still in the
race that's former un Ambassador Nikki
Haley yes so on uh the uh Republic well
let's Biden is going to win there's
there's virtually no one challenging him
he will win and then of course he will
uh look at the uh people will be
concentrating on where his weaknesses
are for the wider election in November
broadly at the moment they are still the
same age mental acuity uh immigration is
seen as a weakness for the Democrats and
he although the economy holds up very
well by comparison to world economies
Americans aren't really feeling that way
so they will be his issues Trump isn't
quite there yet he is widely expected to
come out of all these primaries
extremely well uh so he will undoubtedly
win all of them then we have Nikki Haley
who has a choice she might just simply
exit and we will wait to hear what she
says about Donald Trump she might uh
decides to
continue uh and that will depend very
much on whether she re continues to
receive um backing from donors she is
hoping perhaps that there might be some
dramatic legal development perhaps which
would disqualify Trump and she might be
an emergency candidate or uh she might
uh run as an independent it looks very
that whatever of those happens Trump
will get the nomination and uh then his
biggest weakness so far is women uh who
with the rulings on abortion and IVF
uh are not keen on Trump poll show be
interesting to see how that plays out
and what effect that has just to wrap up
Angela yesterday there was a decision
from the US Supreme Court that means now
no State this was about the state of
Colorado but no State can ban Trump from
the ballot and this of course is good
news for Trump does this mean the issue
is now over well it's given rise to an
interesting constitutional debate in the
US as you will know Genie uh because
what they ruled yesterday was that no
state has the right to ban a candidate
only Congress has the right to
disqualify a candidate and so there are
voices now being raised saying that's
left uh something rather unclear what if
Trump wins the election and when it
comes to the official certification of
Donald Trump uh perhaps if uh the
Democrats win the House of
Representatives for example they might
decide that he should be disqualified on
the grounds that uh he instigated an
Insurrection they might decide uh and
that meeting would actually take place
on January the 6th which is exactly the
day when the Insurrection happened and
the point of the Insurrection was to
prevent the certification of Joe Biden
the first time around so there's a bit
of a debate going on I think all of
these steps are very unlikely but we've
seen so many very unlikely things
happening uh in in recent us politics
who knows we certainly have Angela thank
you so much for that

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